Here at the Link Directories we want to help you get the most out of your advertising and we want you to place adverts that will work for you and help to bring you in new customers. But for a lot of our customers who may not have advertised before, the thought of putting an advert together can seem daunting.

So we have put together our 9 Top Tips to help get you started and to help you create a great advert…

Never mind spring cleaning at home, even the smallest of businesses can benefit from decluttering your office.  I am convinced that a tidy workplace gives you peace of mind and can lead to more productivity.

Start with these five easy steps:

1.    Get your filing system right.  Take a good look in your filing cabinet.  Do you really need all that paper?  Be ruthless and throw out what you don’t need.  Then archive what you need to keep but don’t need to hand.

I find it is often that case that whenever any form of new media makes an initial big splash a death is announced – television will make movies obsolete, for example.  Hence the announcement by the pop group Buggles that music videos will mean the end of radio.

We all know that first impressions count, and we only get one chance to make that first impression.

It used to be that the spelling on your CV had to be accurate, now a days a decision can be made as to whether someone wants to do business with you, based on how they see you online.

Motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, famously said that “We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.”

I wonder if you have ever thought about this – have you ever wondered why some businesses succeed and others seem to constantly struggle?

Never heard of content marketing?  You may not have heard the phrase but you’ve certainly seen it in action.

Every time you visit a website, be it for entertainment or news, you are engaging with content marketing.  It is the information you are accessing, what you are actually seeing and  reading.

The role of content marketing is to attract new clients, business leads, subscribers and sales and as such it is one of the most powerful weapons in your marketing armoury.

Deadlines – some people love them and use them to get their work done efficiently.  Others simply hate them.

One of my favourite quotes is from Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  “I love deadlines.  I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.”

The Hucclecote Link is celebrating 10 years of publishing this month and so we are celebrating!

10 years is a great achievement in business these days (in fact the Link Directories have been around almost 12 years which is even better) but it got me thinking…..
Why do some businesses succeed when others fail?

Now that we are in March, and hopefully Spring is around the corner, this is a great time of year to carry out some Spring cleaning on your business and to help keep you on track for your 2017 goals.

As we experience some sunshine, at last, you should be thinking about your new summer promotions.  Here are some of the important dates you need to remember:

Mon 5th June        Schools first day of term*
Sat 10th June        Cheltenham Food and Drink Festival weekend
Sun 18th June    Father’s Day

Spring is on the way and it’s an ideal time to tie in a promotion with one of the many notable dates.  Here is a brief schedule of some of those coming up in the next three months:

Wed 1st March    St David’s Day & Ash Wednesday
Fri 17th March    St Patrick’s Day
Sun 26th March    Mother’s Day & Daylight Saving Time starts

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